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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive an adjustment on my first visit?

Yes.  Exempting unusual circumstances or very severe cases, you will receive a consultation and an adjustment during your first appointment.

Do you process private health insurance claims?

Yes, we do!  
We are able to process most Private Health cards through HICAPS, and we can also process your Medicare claims for Enhanced Primary Care or Team Care Arrangements (see below).

What Technique do you practice?

We practice Sacro Occipital Technique, and extremely gentle Chiropractic technique which aims to influence the nervous system and organs to achieve optimal function.  Read more about it here.

How long will an appointment take?

We like to take our time, and be as thorough as possible. Your first consultation will be 40 minutes - it will include a consultation with Dr Foskett and an adjustment. 
Each subsequent consultation is 20 minutes, and is tailored to suit the individual clients needs and wants.  We like to work with you to attain your health goals. 
We space out consultations, and unless a client is acute, we don't expect clients to attend excessive appointments. 

Do you accept Enhanced Primary Care or Chronic Disease Management Cases?

Yes.  Just bring your EPC form in with you when you come in, or have your GP email or post it to us.  They are welcome to email the documents to us at

Your EPC will allow you up to 5 chiropractic sessions per year, subsidised by Medicare.  Each visit must be paid in full, and the rebate can then be claimed back into your nominated bank account through our HICAPS facility.

As of July 2018, the medicare rebate is $52.95.

Do you accept Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) claims?

Yes.  Please bring in your GP's referral, and your white/gold card and we will process your visit.  

There is no excess charge on DVA care.

How much is a consultation?

An initial consultation for an adult is $105.00, and a subsequent consultation is $85.00

An initial consultation for a child is $95.00, and a subsequent consultation $75.00

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