Get To Know Us


Dr. Richard Foskett

Principal Chiropractor

A true Newcastle local, Richard Foskett attended Redhead Public

School and Whitebridge High School.


Dr. Foskett completed a Bachelor of Science Degree from The

University of Queensland and a Masters of Chiropractic from

Macquarie University graduating in 1999.

He is very involved in constantly developing and improving his

skills and education.  Dr Foskett also regularly contributes his time

at SOTO seminars to continue the education and development of

other SOT Chiropractic practitioners and SOT Students.

His extensive practical experience of 20 years, has led him to an

interest in Developmental Issues, Chronic Illness and Digestive


He and his wife, Sarah, have three young children who have helped

foster their passion for natural healthcare, nutrition and holistic living.

His keen interest as a gardener has helped him transform his  home garden into a wonderland for the children full of edible fruits and vegetables.

Richard has extensive sporting interests that make use of our wonderful local environment. These revolve around surfing, bush-walking and mountain biking.

Dr. Foskett's importance upon truth and integrity mean that he strives to maintain the highest standards of both in everything he does.

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